• Arabian Cooling Group

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    Founded in 1960 , ACG Specialized Products & Services of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning , Distinguish by a team of expertise with long technical & projects management experience.

  • Vision

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    Arabian Cooling Group vision developed with Long term planning with strategic vision associated with the spirit of teamwork.

  • Mission

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    Arabian Cooling Group Mision To become pioneers in the industry with strong influence as a supplier, manufacturer, service & consultation provider, as a universal undertaking to our customers:

    1. Change for the better is our pursuit
    2. Value is our plus point
    3. Innovation and creativity are the challenges
    4. Waste of time is our enemy
    5. Our unique structure is our strength

    We believe that there is no growth without change. In today’s world where competition for the best is the norm, we expect that our customers will demand more for less.

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