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  • Maintenance … Our Experience

    Here at ACG we provide maintenance to a variety of systems armed with our experienced engineers & professionals. We keep an eye on the maintenance schedule for your system, so you don’t ever have to remember to call us. Preventative Maintenance benefits : – Avoid failures before they occur & replace worn parts before the damage happened to your equipment. – Routine cleaning & lubrication, inspection & alignment, also, check the equipment from corrosion, wear and tear. – Make sure that the equipment is running efficiently & ensure its survival for as long as possible. The goals of preventive maintenance – Save money & Energy efficiency. – Time management. – Improve the efficiency & quality of workers by improving air quality at workplace. – Comply with industry quality assurance requirements. – Reduce the risk of damages & replacement costs. – Increase equipment life.

    Preventive maintenance goals

    • Save money and energy efficiency of equipment.
    • Adherence to prevailing profession assets.
    • Minimize the damage and replacement costs.
    • Maintaining the survival equipment for a longer period.

    Advantages of preventive maintenance

    • Avoid breakdowns before they occur and replace worn parts before damage.
    • Cleaning, lubricating and balance and an examination of the equipment, corrosion and wear and tear.
    • Operate equipment as efficiently as possible and survive for as long as possible.
    • Experience the quality of the work that needs to be done and select it, and then processed.
    • Service around the clock 24/7.

    The group uses technical latest Matouselt mechanism of devices that work for ensure quality Bmair quality global
    The group is accredited by several international destinations for this area.

  • AIR DUCT Cleaning

    ACG Improve The Quality Of Your Indoor Air With Air Duct Cleaning
    Common House Dust Carries : Decaying Fungi, Skin Flakes, Bacteria, Pollen, Residue From Chemicals Organic Matter, Textile Fibers, Viruses, Hair, Dust Mites & Many Other Contaminants……

    Dirty Air Ducts May Cause Asthma, Allergies, Eye, Nose & Throat, Bronchitis, Fatigue, Headaches, Odor, Fire Hazards, Energy Waste & More….

    Cleaning of cooling towers
    Clean external units
    Cleaning of cooling towers
  • Cleaning and disinfection of air duct channels

    ACG Improves air quality of your indoor and through cleaning and disinfecting air duct channels
    then house dust carries: pollen, dead skin peels, decaying fungi, dust mites, viruses and organic materials, fibers and fabrics dander and rags, residues of chemicals, hair and lots of other pollutants …. Etc., are stored clearly in the air duct channels .

    These deposits dirty air channels cause health problems :
    Asthma, allergies, eye, nose and throat, bronchitis, fatigue, headaches, and helping to ignite the fire and energy waste and other…
    Pictures of air channels – duct – before cleaning process

    Pictures of air channels – duct – after the cleaning process
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