• Cooling and freezing … Our specialty
    Characterized ACG experience ancient associated implementation of many projects rooms and cold stores and freezers inside and outside the Kingdom of supply installation transfer maintenance and operation, Fasaadha serve you and provide appropriate solutions studied realism realism of the projects, and the use of the latest technologies and provide technical advice, and implementation of the work assigned art profession for which she receivedsatisfaction of our valued customers.

    Warehouses, cold rooms and freezers is considered one of the pillars of sustainable food and associated save the staple food for humans and save materials and auxiliary materials in the progress and development of society.

    ACG Initiatives proactive in the study and creation of many stores, cold rooms and freezers long conservation and rooms markets, factories dates, factories potatoes, restaurants, keeping fruits and meats of all kinds, ice cream, dairy, conservation and pharmaceutical manufacturing, leather, inks, chemicals, flowers, moving vehiclesThe fast freezing lines and so it needs to high efficiency and the ability of super-specialized

    Group continued Bmoakptha of these industry and its close association with major international companies in this area, including help in the development and lifting this facility.

  • Air conditioning … Our mission
    ACG Since the time of its founding growing construction boom and contributed to its completion for many HVAC projects and requirements of different kinds and stages and it became one of the pioneers including implemented projects.

    Faqamt Group to develop this section continuously and style high-tech and active participation delivering the latest Matouselt his global technology products to its customers, in addition to centers spare parts fitted and special centers maintenance serving around the clock 24/7 which proved Pfnyen qualified for it, and is pleased thatprovides services to its customers: the study, design, supply, implementation of projects and all air conditioning and ventilation requirements of central air conditioners and Bakj and separate units, Ataiwrye conditioners and all that multiple types.

  • Supply and spare parts … Our attention
    Pleased team management supply and spare parts ACG discuss customer requirements Distinguished and supply all their needs from products refrigeration and air conditioning from the hardware and even spare parts, operating systems, and through showrooms equipped characteristically and supplied more than 25,000 varieties of products with jurisdiction،

    Make it one of the pioneers to meet the needs of its customers and air conditioning units, cold stores, control panels electric, condensing units, air compressors, motors, valves expansion, converters heating equipment absorb vibration, copper pipes, gas freon and accessories channels air … etc., manufacturedbefore global factories and reliable quality by consumers and suppliers.

    Which group has worked to match international quality standards on many products from local factories and the world and made ​​the effort, time and money in order to study these products and, for example, :

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