Training and Qualification

  • Training and Qualification
    Selection and training of technical personnel of the most important elements that boost the efficiency of the maintenance process for equipment and reduce costs is a trained personnel for maintenance work, after the development of the maintenance plan be responsible maintenance selection of individuals who Itusm including the ability to accommodate components units, equipment and the ability to distinguish failures and their causes, repair and work programsneeded to be trained on the equipment itself and on how to accomplish maintenance work in a short time, which reduces downtime and reduces losses in production and other.

    And the use of trained personnel to Tools jaw and installation must be always on a sound basis, which provides the consumption of these tools, also provides the equipment spare parts under maintenance, for example, when using hammers on the roads on different parts of the machine to the jaw or installation resulting in damage to the partsthem during the maintenance procedure and this is what you do unskilled labor.
    We conclude from this that the use of lead-trained personnel to raise the efficiency of operation of the units, reducing damage during the maintenance process, reduce spare parts consumed, reducing the time required for maintenance and completion in the specified date according to the tables.
    Full readiness to cope with emergency conditions and critical situations, and rely specialties of technical personnel for the maintenance department on the quality of the machines and the activity of the facility and in any case must be available all the necessary disciplines employment (quantity and quality) to carry out maintenance work as required.

    It is this sense the ACG adoption establish a training center for Receive Rugby practice profession nominal fees and duration measured, and then grants pass session efficiently hold direct action has Vtkon trained and qualified hands art under its supervision and highly skilled to trust their employment has to fill their need of those hands of art,and contributed to the reduction in the number of unemployment in our beloved Kingdom and provided a decent life for its employees and trainees have.

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